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Buy mapacho log from Peru 200 g or 0.5 Lb

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New product

  • Mapacho Tobacco Nicotiana Rustica & Nicotiana tabacum supplier. 
  • Buy organic and fresh mapacho roll, packed in vacuum sealed bag.
  • Mapacho bundle is used by the ethnic Amazonian tribes, such as “Conibo Shipibo” and the “Ashaninka” in ayahuasca ceremonies and also used on tables with San pedro cactus. 

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Buy mapacho log

The mapacho is a male plant that purifies and strengthens the physical body, causing mental clarity that helps to protect your energy, and reinforces the work of other plants and facilitates the removal of secretions from the airways, stimulates your dreaming activity. Read more about mapacho

Nicotiana Rustica or Mapacho is a powerful plant, Normally it is thought that the snuff is not able to induce visions, but it was intensely used by indigenous groups they regarded it as the quintessential shamanic intoxication.

This kind of snuff is one of the strongest in the world, including its alkaloid content is significantly higher than the (Nicotiana tabacum) it was used exclusively for its entheogenic powers (to invoke the spirits etc.), its smoked during ayahuascan ceremonies or added to the brew. The snuff is present throughout the process of traditional medicines.

  • Our mapacho comes from Pucallpa in PERU, where is the best quality of mapacho.
  • Our mapacho is vacuum sealed for preserve great aroma and fresh.
  • 100 % Organic and Natural.
  • Sown and hardvested by shipibo natives.
  • Scientific name : Nicotiana Rustica
  • Origin : Ucayali - Peru

Contain :

  • 1 Vacuum sealed bag of mapacho 200 g or 0.5 Lb .
  • 1 Litlle pipe handcarved of Machu Picchu stone as a GIFT.

Packing :

  • Cardboard Box or Bubble pouch bag


THIS PRODUCT IS NOT AVAILABLE for Canada, Mexico, Austria, Russia,Spain and Portugal.


By (Morbio Superiore, Switzerland) on 16 Jan. 2017 (Buy mapacho log from Peru 200 g or 0.5 Lb) :


Great experience with Mapacho.

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By (Gothenburg, Sweden) on 16 Jan. 2017 (Buy mapacho log from Peru 200 g or 0.5 Lb) :

Fast delivery

Got it to sweden in 10 days :)

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By (Miami, United states) on 15 Dec. 2016 (Buy mapacho log from Peru 200 g or 0.5 Lb) :

excellent product

excellent product

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