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Copaiba oil is traditional used in acarosis, tonsillitis, contraception, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic urinary tract, arthritis, asthma, as a bactericide, chronic bronchitis, as healing of ulcers or wounds in the skin and gastric ulcers
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In Amazonian communities the ajo sacha is used as an analgesic, anti-arthritic, anti-epileptic, anti-pyretic, and for stomach cramps, headaches, as an immunity stimulant, as a laxative, tonic,
Ayahuasca, tradictional use...develops intuition, amplifies the psychological state of people, clean bodies and treats psychosomatic illnesses.
Benefits and traductional use...SOURSOP O GRAVIOLA LEAVES, Annona muricata...
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Los nombres comúnes de la ayahuasca son: Yagé en Colombia, Natem en Ecuador y Daime o Vegetal en Brasil. Pero el nombre más común sería Ayahuasca como punto de referencia a la civilización quechua que resulta ser la más antigua existente en América del Sur.
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