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In the peruvian amazon, the chuchuwasi is used an aphrodisiac, analgesic, antidiarrheal, anti-dysentery, anti-inflammatory, intestinal parasite (helminth), anti-pyretic, arthritis, against bronchitis, for
Chancapiedra is traditional used to guard against acne, in amenorrhea, such as antibacterial, anti-hepatotoxic, inflammation, anti-malarial, anti-pyretic, anti-septic, anti-viral...
Copaiba oil is traditional used in acarosis, tonsillitis, contraception, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic urinary tract, arthritis, asthma, as a bactericide, chronic bronchitis, as healing of ulcers or wounds in the skin and gastric ulcers
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In Amazonian communities the ajo sacha is used as an analgesic, anti-arthritic, anti-epileptic, anti-pyretic, and for stomach cramps, headaches, as an immunity stimulant, as a laxative, tonic,
The first information about the Amazon medicinal plants were found in the reports of explorers and chroniclers, like the report we have from Peter Martyr to Pope Leo X, published by Herr Strasbourg in 1534...
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