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Hello, “shamandealer.com” is a web store offering unique and sacred products directly from Peru, South America.Our project was born with a mission to promote a worldview traditional of the Andean-Amazonian region, which views nature as a"living being",we would like to share this magical worldview of the shamanic practice of  “Ayahuasca”and “San Pedro”, and we would like to share messages of wisdom and love with other spiritual beings in the world.

Our products are for the well-being of the body and soul, and are based on traditional indigenous knowledge, which are so necessary in today's unstable and stressful world, where the forces of our alternative world, can contribute significantly to improving the quality of life and general welfare for all.

Our offices are in Lima, Piura and Pucallpa in the Amazon and the Peruvian Andes, which allows us to provide you directly with our genuine products , all our products are of a high quality and are the direct work of our producers, and they are all offered with love and with a firm commitment to the protection of the ecosystems within these regions, we guarantee fair trade in our organic practices.

Welcome to our home,
The Peruvian Amazon
and the Andes !

The Shaman Team