Mystical and sacred products, All made by spiritual artisans and shaman masters in Peru, all work is for spiritual ceremonies with san pedro, ayahuasca, reiki chumpi stones, snuff rapé, mapacho, palo santo and others sacred items.



    Amazonian items used by shamans in Peru for ayahuasca, san pedro ( huachuma ) ceremony. This incluide mapacho nicotiana rustica, chakapas or chakarpas, rattles, snuff rapé , pipes and other important sacred products for shamanic tables.


    Andean items used in shamanic tables. This incluide palo santo wood, chonta wood, reiki chakra chumpi stones, watanas, mastanas.

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Mapacho Tobacco Nicotiana...

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Amazon Chakapa or shakapa...

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Amazon Shaman Rattles x 2

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BIG Chumpi jiwayas stones...

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Chumpi Alabaster Khuyas...

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Meteorite Jiwayas or...

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Chumpi Jiwayas or jihuaya...

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Chumpi Khuyas Alabaster...

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Chumpi stones Meteorite...

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Peruvian mapacho roll from...

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Shaman holy set of palo...

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Chumpi khuyas Alabaster...

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